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With our smart home automation & security solutions, Bradley Security of Glencoe, MN is able to personalize your home to match your unique lifestyle. Combining door, window, and motion sensors with thermostat and light usage patterns, and then integrating external data like weather and location, our technology creates highly personal recommendations for automating your home. Continue your daily routine while your home takes action to make everything more convenient, secure and efficient.

Interactive Security

Interactive Security

This system gives our customers with tamper-resistant technology for uninterrupted protection as well as the ability to control and monitor their system, no matter where they are.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Far more advanced than other stand-alone thermostats, our award-winning solution learns activity patterns and adapts automatically. Our powerful rules engine also allows your customers to stay comfortable while helping them avoid energy waste.

Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Provide complete visibility with live-streaming feeds, video alerts and recorded clips right from your customer’s phone, tablet or computer.

Seamless Control

Seamless Control

Alarm.com connects all of the mission critical systems in the home, providing smart, responsive automation and seamless control. Best of all, the entire system can be controlled through one app for total convenience.



Wellness gives complete insight into the daily routines and happenings in the home of an aging family member, allowing you to offer a secure and cost-effective option for independent living.

Manage Your Security System From Anywhere

Security Sensors For Your Home

  • Fire Sensor Fire
  • Smoke Sensor Smoke
  • Water Sensor Water
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor CO
  • Window Sensor Window
  • Door Sensor Door
  • Motion Sensor Motion
  • Glass Break Sensor Glass Break

Lock & Unlock

Have you ever sat down at work and thought to yourself "Did I forget to lock the front door?"" With the use of our easy-to-use iOS or Android App, you will have the comfort of knowing you can instantly check, lock, or unlock your home directly from your smartphone.

Know What's Happening At Your Home

With real-time status updates via text or email notification you can easily monitor any activity or events taking place at your home. For example you can be notified when your children or family members enter the home, arm, or disarm the security system. With the use of our image sensor, users can receive a real-time photo or video which is delivered directly to your smartphone.

Operate Your Lights

Set The Perfect Temperature

Take full control of your energy usage and maintain your ideal climate at home or on the go with the use of flexible schedules & our convenient iOS / Android App. Statistics show that maintaining a flexible schedule can save users an average of $250 annualy. Not only are you maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, you’re also putting hard earned money back in your bank account.

Keep watch over your house

See what's happening when you're away

Our full line of HD video cameras include infrared night vision, indoor and outdoor cameras, and pan and tilt cameras controlled through our app. Alarm.com’s Video Service provides cloud-based storage and access to saved clips, as well as features like video motion detection, activity based recordings linked to any event in your home, and live video streaming from virtually any mobile device.

See It In Action See It In Action

Access Your Garage

Forget to close your garage door? No worries, simply grab your smartphone and check the status of your garage door(s). With our iOS / Android App you can open or close your garage remotely. The best part is that there is no need to replace your current garage door openers! We can simply add our receiver to your existing setup, which will link your smartphone directly to your garage and provide full control anywhere anytime.

Products We Offer


Primary Security Panel

Secondary Security Panel



Image Sensor

Glass Break Detector

Fire/Smoke Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

4 Button Remote

Panic Button

Door Bell

Z-Wave Lock

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